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Water Power - Hydro Electric, Wave and Tidal Power

Current CO2 level in the atmosphere


Going with the Flow: Small Scale Water Power
The Micro-hydro Pelton Turbine Manual: Design, Manufacture and Installation for Small-scale Hydro-power
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British Hydropower Association
Trade association for the hydropower industry.Useful information on site evaluation, hydro science, water wheels and more.

Hydraulic Rams - Green and Carter
UK manufactured machines for using water to lift water. Robust, affordable and well-proven technology from the original inventors.

Renewable energy consultancy based in Fort William, Scotland and specialising in small to medium hydropower schemes from feasibility studies through to installation and commissioning.

Lunar Energy
Lunar Energy holds an exclusive worldwide licence to a new tidal electric technology known as the Rotech Tidal Turbine

Marine Energy Website
Tidal currents are increasingly being recognised as a viable energy source to be exploited for the sustainable generation of electricity.

Ocean Power Delivery Ltd
Pelamis is the first deep-water, grid-connected trial of a full size wave power generator to take place anywhere in the world.

PicoHydro Website
Information network for all aspects of very small hydro systems up to 5 kW including technology, applications, management and financing.

Powerpal UK
Powerpal turbines convert the energy of falling water directly to useful electricity, delivering regulated mains at 220V or 110V.

Site providing a clear, concise guide and directory to current developments in tidal turbines and tidal electricity generation.

Has developed a range of energy modules to exploit wave energy resources in the shoreline, near shore and offshore environments.

Leading renewable energy consultancy specialising in small to medium hydropower schemes
A look at the current state of tidal power in the UK
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