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Green Transport - More Efficient Car Use And Transport Alternatives

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Cutting Your Car Use: Save Money, Be Healthy, Be Green
50 Ways to Greener Travel
How to Live Well Without Owning A Car
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Clean Green Cars
Clean Green Cars' aim is simple: to provide clear, easily understood advice about choosing and using cars in a more environmentally considerate way. News, views and information.

Choose Another Way
Scottish government website designed to encourage more sustainable transport choices through the creation and implementation of Travel Plans. Good advice for non-Scots too!

Bike For All
Everything you wanted to know about cycling but were afraid to ask. A huge collection of up-to-date links and cycling news. Each link has been hand-picked and described briefly.

Campaign For Better Transport
Working nationally and locally through high-level lobbying and strong public campaigning to make good transport ideas a reality and stop bad ones from happening.

Folding Bikes
Folding bikes go in the boot, on trains and on buses - and are fun to ride. Have you got room for one in your life? This site has a huge selection with free delivery within mainland UK.

Fuel-Efficient Driving
Fuel-efficient driving has a huge impact on our fuel use and hence our emissions - so much so that it will be included in driving tests from 2008. Find out more here.

Guide to minimising the effects of motoring on the environment. Industry news and information on UK available electric, hybrid, alternative-fuel and efficient conventionally fuelled vehicles.

Greener Cars and Driving
The type of car you own, the way you drive it and the fuel you use can have a big impact on the emissions it produces. THis government site can help with car choice, driving habits etc.

The Green Car Website
Brings together all the cars in the UK that have CO2 emissions lower than 150 g/km plus the latest green car launches and manufacturer’s technological improvements.

Green Fuels Ltd
Green Fuels Ltd designs and manufactures a range of affordable biodiesel processing equipment that produces fuel for small-scale, domestic usage - right up to commercial production levels.

Find someone travelling your way so you can share your journey – saving money, cutting your carbon footprint and having fun!

LPG Vehicles and Conversions
Calor Autogas website with lots of information about conversions, new vihicles availabvle, savings to be made, fleet benefits and much more.

Sustrans is the UK's leading sustainable transport charity. Their vision is a world in which people choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and the environment.

Transport For London Journey Planner
Quickly and efficiently plan your journey in the capital form A to B using public transport, walking or cycling. Huge range of ooptions, quick and easy to use.

Walking Works
It'll tone you up, trim you down and help keep your heart healthy. It saves on petrol and bus fares, and is better for the planet.

Everything you wanted to know about cycling but were afraid to ask
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