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Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

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Solar Water Heating: A Comprehensive Guide
The Renewable Energy Handbook
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Imagination Solar
Simple, effective, affordable solar systems, with a full design and installation service via their sister company. Good documentation available in PDF format.

My Home - Solar Water Heating
Use heat from the sun to work alongside your conventional water heater. Information from the Energy Trust website.

Save Energy Uk Ltd
Solar Energy Consultants & Equipment suppliers offering information and installations of Solar Thermal domestic water heating systems.

Solar hot water systems in easy-to-install modular components for the self-build and housing association-contractor markets.

Solar Trade Association
Serves as a focal regulatory and information point for organisations with business interests in the Solar Energy industry.

Solar Twin
Affordable, freeze-tolerant direct solar water heating system with integral solar-electric (photovoltaic) pump.

Sun Harvester
Flat plate collectors with a special selective surface that only loses 12% through radiation losses at l00ºC.

Suncell Solar Heat Panels
Low temperature, high throughput, low maintenance panels designed specifically to heat swimming pools.

Commercial and domestic suppliers and installers of high efficiency vacuum tube solar water heating systems with over 6,000 installations to date in the UK and Ireland.

Is this the world's simplest solar water heater?
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