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Photovoltaic Electricity From Solar Panels

Current CO2 level in the atmosphere


Power from the Sun: A Practical Guide to Solar Electricity
The Solar Electricity Handbook 2009
Planning and Installing Photovoltaic Systems: A Guide for Installers, Architects and Engineers
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Energy Development Co-Operative Limited
Supply a range of monocrytalline and polycrystalline rigid, folding and flexible solar panels from Sanyo, Sunpower, Loretz, Kyocera and Suntech, plus controllers and deep cycle batteries.

Energy & Environment Limited
Supplier & installer of solar PV , solar thermal, windpower & heat pump systems, + online shop for small solar and windpower items.

Evo Energy
Solar energy solutions for domestic and commercial projects. EvoEnergy work solely in photovoltaics and are specialists in the design and installation of solar photovoltaic systems.

In Balance Energy
Specialist suppliers, system designers and installers of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems. In Balance also supply of solar PV slates, solar PV panels and free standing solar PV systems.

The National Energy Foundation - Solar Living
A good introduction to photovoltaics from this educational charity, plus list of installers, grant application form and case studies.

Pelangi MSX Solar Panels
Ruggedised corrosion resistant panels and regulators designed for use on marine buoys. Waterproof, windproof, hail resistant.

A Shining Example (Centre for Alternative Technology)
Also covers passive and thermal solar energy, but has good information on photovoltaics. Features a 13Kw solar electric roof.

Siemens Solar Panels from Bullnet
Buy a complete range of Siemens Solar Modules online. Comprehensive data sheets for each product.

Soak Up The Sun
Solar panel installers & design engineers based in the Midlands and SW, providing complete systems for domestic & commercial customers.

Solar Century
Solar electric roofing solutions for homeowners, including the new solar electric tile for new builds. Commercial consultancy.

Solar Energy Alliance
All major makes of solar and wind equipment at best prices, approved installers, details of scheme eligibility for grant assistance.

Solar Focus
Accredited partner for Sharp Europe Solar Division design supplying a full range of domestic and commercial PV solar panels.

Solar PV installations in the Home Counties. Panels are guaranteed for 25 years and installations will qualify for the feed-in tariffs.

Solar Electric Fact Sheet
Over its estimated life a PV module will produce at least 20 times the electricity used in its production. A good basic introduction.

Wind and Sun Solar Education and Construction Kits
These experiments kits and meccano-style construction kits provide an introduction to the principles of solar electricity. Full range of solar panels and controllers also available.

Solar Century - Introduction to photovoltaics
Solar Century - Installing Solar Tiles
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