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Passive Solar Heating & Lighting - Making the Most of the Sun

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The Passive Solar House: Using Solar Design to Heat and Cool Your Home
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Passive Solar Design - Strathclyde University Project
A fairly comprehensive overview of the principles and benefits of passive solar heating and cooling for new buildings..

Passive Solar Design article from Surrey University
Simple guide to requirements and best practices for the incorporation of p[assive solar design into new buildings.

Passive Solar Design
DTI site offers a brief overview of 'Free Solar Gain'

Passive solar - using the sun for space heating
Earthship Brighton uses the sun to provide heating by using a dynamic combination of solar gain, thermal mass and super insulation.

Sunpipe and Suncatcher by Monodraught
Pipe in sunlight and natural daylight into any building with this astonishing system using mirrored aluminium tubing. Now availabel to order and buy online.

Sun Space
The creation of an energy-efficient two-storey 'sunspace', maximising the solar gains from the south-facing aspect. From the Green Building Store website.

Sustainable Housing Design Guide - Passive Solar Energy
High insulation and a 'sunscoop' design layout shows how passive solar design can help save energy.